Nanotechnology Engineered Air Purifier .(In Final stages of R&D)

Description :

We tend to think of air pollution as something that happens outside of our dwellings however that's not always the case. Even inside your house, there are things like dusts, mites ,pollen etc in from outdoors to worry about. Indoor air pollution from sources like this can irritate your lungs and lead to dangerous allergies . The trouble is, if you use an ordinary vacuum cleaner, you might simply be "rearranging the dirt": your cleaner will trap some of the dust inside the bag but let the rest pass straight back into the room

Advanced Nanotechnology Lab is pioneering the way for a new paradigm shift in the air purification industry in INDIA. The principles and application of nanotechnology in today’s markets and lifestyles is currently being touted as the opportunity for a better tomorrow.