Transparent Heat Insulation System


» Today's building, homeowners and communities are demanding more from glass. In particular, the focus on energy efficiency and tighter regulations are creating a greater need for low-emissivity glass. Through advances in glass, windows now play a big part in energy conservation and comfort, minimizing heat loss and internal condensation.Hydra - HeatShield meet all your energy saving requirements.


Appearance liquid
Density 0.921 g/cm3
IR cut ≥90%
UV cut ≥95%
Abrasion resistance cycles > 500
Visible Light Transmission ≥88%
Adhesion 2B
Cover Area 32-42m2/L
Base Solvent
Application methods Spray, Brush, Sponge wipe

Why Hydra - Heatshield?

1. Saves Electricity : Reduces air conditioning costs. Reduces artificial lighting costs.

2. Heat-insulation : Can prevent the infrared radiation and ultraviolet radiation effectively, IR blocking rate is more than 90%, UV blocking rate is more than 95%.

3. Ensures Optimum Transparency : Highest optical transparency amongst all competitors.

4. Keep interiors cooler : Because of lower heat transmission, your interiors are comparatively cooler and does not require you to switch on the AC all through the day. This saves you energy and lets you stay cool.

5. High Durability : The product is durable for 8 to 10 years years on an average .However, practical life differs from case to case basis in different geographical conditions.


Application Method

» Wash the glass and clean the surface.

» Dip the coating solution with sponge and brush in the same direction.

» Make sure there is overlap of coating while application.


» Store in dry area at temperatures between 26 to 30 ⁰ Celsius.

» Shelf Life (seal un-opened) – 8 months.

» Shelf Life (seal un-opened) – 8 months.

» Shelf Life (seal opened) – 5 days .Container Cap must be closed immediately after use to avoid contamination. Discard if liquid turns white in color . It should always remain colorless to be effective.