Water Repellent for Leather

About HYDRAL :

If you've ever stained your favorite leather-look jacket or had to peel your bare legs from a sticky vinyl car seat in the summer, the solution to your woes is HYDRAL nano leather coating.

HYDRAL - Nano coating for leather, is designed to protect the surface, refreshes the color, softens the skin and gives a hydrophobic effect and protects against moisture and dirt. The coating renews the surface and gives a natural shine.

Benefits :

» Nano coating refresh the surface and gives a natural shine

» Provides water repellency

» Reliably protects leather surfaces against moisture and dirty

» Resistant to temperature changes

Preparation of surface and usage of product: the surface must be completely clean, dry and grease free.

Need for HYDRAL :

» Genuine leather has been an important material since the beginning of human history. Synthetic leather is made from fabric coated with plastic, usually polyurethane (PU) or polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Both PVC and PU can be molded into flat sheets with grooves that give it a leather-like texture. Like genuine leather, synthetic leather is somewhat permeable to liquids. Unlike genuine leather, it gets sticky at high temperatures because heat softens the plastic surface.

» Today, the market for synthetic leather is growing because it's less expensive and easier to work with. This is the first time anyone has managed to formulate a nano coating that is not just water resistant, highly durable !