Water Repellent for Plastic

About - Water Repellent for Plastic.

» One of its kind nano coating for plastic surfaces . Once coated water will form droplets and roll-off the surface and will not spread out into a uniform film although plastic is already non-absorbent for any liqids ,there is no beading effect or lotus effect that imparts self cleaning .The coating creates a thin invisible barrier which prevents dirt and other foreign matter adhering to the surface.

» Most dirt along with water is effectively rejected from the surface immediately which means cleaning intervals are prolonged and the cleaning of the plastic surface becomes much easier and less time consuming.When used as a rain repellent on Motor Bike Helmet visors it should be noted that this is not a anti fogging treatment.

Benefits for Plastic Nano Coating.

» PROTECT YOUR PLASTIC & PLEXIGLAS SURFACES: The nanoSystem is a great nano-technology based protectant that will create a permanent easy-to-clean silica coating over your bathroom's plastic and Perspex surfaces. Not only will it protect them from lime scale damage, but it will also make them a breeze to clean!

» REPELS WATER & STAINS: Once the silica nano coating dries, it becomes a crystal clear protective film with strong hydrophobic and oleophobic properties. This means that, instead of sticking to your surfaces, water, suds and other sediments will just slip away !

» GREATLY IMPROVES BATHROOM HYGIENE: The nanoSystem will also help you maintain a healthier and safer home environment; it reduces the growth of harmful mould and bacteria on your bathroom's surfaces - one of the top health hazards every household has to deal with.

» SAVE TIME, MONEY & THE ENVIRONMENT: Your nano coating protected surfaces do not require scrubbing or expensive detergents, as they simply do not get as dirty. This way, you can save both the time it would otherwise take you to thoroughly clean your bathroom, AND the money you'd spend on cleaners while being kind to the environment! Nano Coating for Plastic