ANT Lab's SX Concrete Coat™ delivers an durable,optically invisible high-performance penetrating sealer used by itself to protect concrete, brick, mortar and masonry from the damaging effects of water intrusion. It is also be used as part of the SX Cement coating to improve aesthetic appearance of aging concrete infrastructure and buildings, as well as mortar rendered structures, and provide a strong durable barrier against water intrusion. In testing, SX Concrete Coat™ lasts for 8 years in single coat .
SX Concrete Coat™ is a clear, water-based liquid that is sprayed or rolled onto horizontal or vertical surfaces. It does not affect appearance or breathability, and will not wear, fade, yellow, crack or peel.

Appearance Colourless
Coverage 70 sq feet/litre

ANT Lab's SX Concrete Coat have several benefits :
1. Application method for this coating is very easy .
2. Drastically minimises the water absorption into the Concrete Substrate .
3. Good surface preparation offers excellent protection to the porous surface .
4. Prevents scaling aging and salt burst into the concrete substrate
5. Prevents Structural damage into concrete substrate

ANT Lab's SX Concrete Coat™,across Concrete assets :
1. Concrete (RCC)
2. Rooftop (GI,Asbestos)
3. Stone
4. Brick
5. Tile,Limestone
6. Terra-cotta & Plaster
For details on how to apply , Download our Technical Data Sheet

Store in dry area at temperatures between 16 - 22⁰ Celsius (35% higher temp reduces shelf life by 8.5%)
1. Shelf Life (seal un-opened) – 12 months .
2. Shelf Life (seal opened ) - 10 days.
Container Cap must be closed immediately after use to avoid contamination.
Discard if liquid turns white in color . It should always remain colorless to be effective

1. Wear butyl-rubber gloves and other skin protection to avoid contact.
2. In the event of contact with skin - wash skin thoroughly with soap and water. .
3. In the event of contact with eyes - Immediately flush eyes with water for 15 minutes after contact and get medical attention.
4. If accidentally swallowed - rinse mouth thoroughly and obtain immediate medical attention

Here is a demonstration :

View of concrete block coated by ANT Lab's SX Water Repellent Concrete Coat™

Testing of SX Concrete Coating