ANT Lab's SX Industrial Nano Metal Coat™ is a abrasion & flake resistant Anti corrosion nano coating designed for all types of Industrial metal surfaces. It is designed to protect metal surfaces from destructive forces, and provides a long lasting 11.5 years barrier of superior resistance to corrosion , rust, salt spray, moisture, acid rain, UV damage, oxidation, galvanic corrosion & ice adhesion .

Appearance Colourless , Liquid
Abrasion Resistance 8.4 mg Passed
Pencil Hardness 4H Passed
Salt Spray Test No rust, no blisters
Coverage approx 255 sq feet/litre

ANT Lab's SX Industrial Metal Coat have several benefits
1. Easy-to-Clean Glossy Surface .
2. Longevity of 9 to 12 years in a single twin coat.
3. Environmental Protection for extreme gloss surface & colour retention .
4. Chemical & Corrosion Resistance Surface after coating .
5. Physical Abuse Resistance (Dynamic Abrasion & Scratch) .

1. Marine - Vessels , Boats , Yatche
2. Heavy Industrial – Machinery & Equipment , Steel Plants , Processing Plants
3. Metals – Stainless Steel, Brass, Aluminium,
4. Others – Few Natural Stones
For details on how to apply , Download our Technical Data Sheet

Store in dry area at temperatures between 14 - 18⁰ Celsius (15% higher temp reduces shelf life by 3%)
1. Shelf Life (seal un-opened) – 8 months .
2. Shelf Life (seal opened) - 8 days .
Container Cap must be closed immediately after use to avoid contamination.
Discard if liquid turns white in color . It should always remain colorless to be effective .

1. Always wear DGFASLI approved Respiratory protection.
2. Fresh air and exhaust are required in the work area.
3. Wear butyl-rubber gloves and other skin protection to avoid contact.
4. Chemical safety goggles or splash shields are required.
5. Do not wear contacts without eye protection.

Here are few sample Illustrations:

Industrial Metal Nano Coat™

Illustrations on how a ship can be coated via spray: