Started in 2015 , Advanced NanoTech Lab has proven itself as a pioneer in Engineering & Manufacturing of high performance innovative nanotech products and is targeting problems that can appear on surfaces and materials used in construction , automotive, marine and industrial markets .We do so from our state of the art laboratory based in Mumbai, India.

ANT Lab has built up a significant presence in Indian Nanotechnology Industry due to impeccable attention to details & product quality.All thanks to our highly experienced engineers and experts which make this journey possible.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the first choice by delivering valuable and viable Nanotechnology Products

  • First choice: Logical and natural action that acknowledges the best offer in the market based on clear advantages and benefits.
  • Delivering: We ensure achievement striving for the highest performance.
  • Relevant: Anticipating or fulfilling a real life need or opportunity, tailored to local and personal needs and habits, perceived as valuable.
  • Accessible: Simple, first of all, and easy to find, to understand and to use; always available, at a competitive value for money.

Our code of conduct

The ANT Lab Code of Conduct is our guide to doing the right thing. Our Code sets ethical expectations of everybody working for, or on behalf of, ANT Lab all around the world. Having a common set of Values and clear ethical expectations in our Code helps us to make choices in a consistent way and enables our workplace to continue to be an environment where frankness, openness and candour can be relied upon. When anyone is faced with an ethical dilemma, our values and our code will guide them.

Our Management

With dynamic leadership & an innovative team, ANT Lab has envisaged a consistent growth since inception. We are known for our high business ethics, thrust for excellence & dedication of our employees towards customers & market needs .

Our Premium Products Range

We are specialized in the following Nanotechnology Products:
• Nano SuperHydrophobic Glass Coating     
• Nano Hydrophobic Industrial Metal Coating  
• 9H Ceramic Nano Car /Bike Coating      
• Concrete (Repellents / Waterproof) Coating 
• Nano Hydrophobic Wood Coating      
• Nano Hydrophobic Fabric/Textile Coating  
• Nano Hydrophobic Plastic Coating      
• Nano Hydrophobic Paper/Box Coating   

Products currently in R&D pipeline (will be available soon)
• Graphene Sheets           
• Single & Multi Walled Carbon Nanotubes
• Quantom Dots            

Request Details

We are capable to export our products in 39 countries across the world