9H Ceramic Coating Aircraft

HydraX is a highly advanced SiO² and TiO2 based coating which was created to addressthe needs of the ,Marine,Military and Aerospace sectors. It is massively resistant to corrosion, abrasion and temperature.

» Silica coating, also known as 9H Ceramic Coating, is a molecular process that provides the ultimate protection for both vehicle exteriors and interiors.A correctly applied, quality ceramic paint coating will help keep your aircraft looking as good as the day it left the showroom.

» There’s a perceived wisdom that insists that if you want to get an insight into someone’s true character and personality, take a look at the vehicle they drive.In most cases, this hits the mark.Driving around in a clean and well-cared-for automobile will say a lot more about you than just your taste in aircrafts and your favorite color.

» And as a aircraft enthusiasts that’s why you want your vehicle to look its best, both inside and out.



Appearance Colourless , Liquid
Consumption 9 ml (per layer ) on a sedan
Coating thickness Coating thickness
Thermal Stability 650 Deg C
60 Deg Gloss (After Coating ) 82 GU
Salt Spray Test (ASTM B117) No rust, no blisters
Scratch Hardness 2500 gm. (Excellent)
Abrasion Resistance (Loss in weight) 8.2 mg (Excellent)
Abrasion resistance cycles >600
Cross Cut Ahesion 5B
Pencil Hardness Test (JIS 5400 ) 9H
Pencil Hardness Test (JIS 5400 ) 80/80 inch-lbs.
Chemical Resistance Yes
Mandrel Bend (ASTM D522) 0.5 mm at 180 deg rotation
Reach and RoHS Compliant


1. A nano-coating basically provides a strong, protective surface to the aircraft’s body that can block all manner of foreign matter and prevent them from causing damage to the aircraft .

2. Imparts Deep Gloss

3. Longevity of 2 years in a 3 multiple coats.

4. Lasts 5x Longer Than Most Other Brands.

5. Environmental Protection for extreme gloss surface & colour retention.

6. Chemical & Corrosion Resistance Surface after coating.

7. Physical Abuse Resistance (Dynamic Abrasion & Scratch).

Image Pencil Hardness Tester
Image Cross Cut Adhesion
Image Salt Spray Corrosion Test

About HydraX

HydraX , as with most final finishes, is best applied on to achieve optimum finish & appearance. With all the below methods of application,always detail the aircraft surface with polishing, claybar etc. Make certain that there is no chance of rain for a minimum of 24 hours after the estimated time of completion of the coating process .